Android TV Could Be Google's Next Major Consumer Project Push

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    It's no secret that Google TV wasn't the resounding success that Google wanted it to be. It's also no secret that the Google Chromecast was just the opposite, a massive hit which likely even surprised Google themselves. The current trend in television is dumping your cable or satellite provider. Internet based services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Go and many more are becoming popular alternative options to the stale offerings found with traditional television providers.

    It looks like the Chromecast concept bridged the gap in a much more appealing way than Google's original Google TV idea. It still doesn't provide all of the same potential services, but a hybrid between the two ideas could be just the ticket for Google to dominate in this emerging market. We reported previously that Google might be working on something called Android TV, and that KitKat could bridge that gap. Android 4.4 KitKat has already been released and it doesn't seem to have any specific attachment to such a service; however, new reports out recently are suggesting that Android TV is indeed still moving forward at Google's R&D, and in fact, it could be the next big consumer product that Google decides to start pushing sometime this year.

    We already know that Google merged the Google TV team with the Android team, so...

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    And I truly wish them well in this endeavor! This is the way it should have been done from the start. But, I'll grant that successful innovations like Chromecast never appear at the convenience of the developers. But I'd love to try out a Android device that is the next incarnation of the GTV platform.

    And I'll forgive all their sins in this dispensation of GTV...


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