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Discussion in 'Android TV' started by adamjackson, Feb 11, 2017.

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    Hi Everyone,

    For Christmas we gave my wife's aunt a new android box, and she returned it to us saying she'd put some sort of lock on it that prevented accessing many of the apps and settings.

    To give an idea, it only shows the following in the settings on the box:
    - Device - Network and About
    - Preferences - Accessibility
    - Remote & accessories - Remote

    I can access the internet, but can't download anything from the google play store as that's restricted.

    Also, she told me she entered a numerical code for security before this all happened.

    Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations for me? I appreciate any help! Thanks so much.

    EDIT: I reset it with a pin and when it started up it looked normal for five seconds and then returned to its limited mode.

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