Android Market Coming To Google TV

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    Google said that Vizio will be launching a “new line” of Blu-ray players and TVs that will be integrating Google TV. Android Market will also become available on Google TV devices in 2011.


    Following a rather sobering start that did not include the support of cable TV networks, Google’s Google TV team seems to be starting new for 2011. The company announced that it has adopted a rapid iteration strategy to improve the Google TV software and has now scored a major design win: Vizio agreed to incorporate the software into future Blu-ray players and TVs. There was no specific launch date, but we now believe even more in the prediction that Vizio will grow to become Apple’s most serious competitor for living room space.

    According to Google, Google TV will bring “developer tools for building applications specifically for the TV and living room. Android Market will also become available on Google TV, which could be Google’s most powerful weapon to challenge Apple TV – as long as Google remembers that TV is about passive entertainment and that it will need the support of TV networks to be successful.

    Perhaps Vizio, the largest TV manufacturer in the U.S., can help.

    By Wolfgang Gruener

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