Android and Chrome OS Could Reap Big Windfalls From Slowing Worldwide PC Economy

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    Android And Chrome OS Could Reap Big Windfalls From Slowing Worldwide PC Economy | TechCrunch (click for full article)

    by Darrell Etherington - August 8, 2013

    The global PC market is shrinking, and continues to trend downward according to recent numbers, which means there are a lot of concerned device-makers looking around for what to do next. Acer is one of those companies, and the firm is looking to pin the blame on Windows and find a better option, according to the WSJ. That might be a very popular tune in the next few years from other OEMs like Acer, and that's great news for Google.

    Acer is looking to mitigate its PC market losses by growing its non-Windows business, and by doing that fast. Android is the logical choice for smartphone and tablet plans, and Acer President Jim Wang told investors during his company's quarterly results conference call last night that he "sees a new market there for Chromebooks."
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    Microsoft is having a tough time getting many of its PC manufacturing partners to use Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT for their new devices and now The Wall Street Journalreports that longtime Windows OEM Acer is trying to grow its “non-Windows business as soon as possible” by embracing Android for mobile devices. Acer’s goal is to generate 30% of its revenue from Android devices and Chromebooks by the end of 2014, up from the 10% of revenue that the company expects those devices will deliver this year.

    The trouble, of course, is that Acer may find it’s just as hard to make a profit from selling Android devices as it is to make a profit from selling Windows-based PCs. Although companies such as Sony and LG have lately turned in respectable results selling Android devices, Samsung is still the only company that makes money from Android devices on a consistent basis. Even so, Acer seems to think that it least has a shot at being more profitable with Android because Windows for the moment looks like a dead end.

    “For the PC industry, I haven’t seen light at the end of the tunnel,” Acer president Jim Wang told the Journal. “First, we have to sustain our market share and protect our bottom line…and by doing tablets and smartphones right, we can be prepared for the day after tomorrow.”



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