Android 3.0 Honeycomb Preview SDK Hints At Phone Support?

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    Maybe Google wasn't completely honest about making Honeycomb a tablet-only platform? Engadget got a tip last night that showed how to set the Honeycomb emulator in SDK from WXGA (1024 x 768, the default tablet resolution) to WVGA (current smartphone resolution basis). The result? I drastically changed UI, that most signifies what we are seeing on the current versions of Android. Most of the Honeycomb flavor was stripped away to a basic launcher.

    What pops out the most about running this emulator is a phone environment is the status bar is extremely different than what is in Gingerbread. It is odd because until Gingerbread, the status bar was always white. We thought Google was making a new UI standard for Android by making everything have a black/green tone in Gingerbread.

    Maybe this is all just a glitch? One thing is for sure, Google is hosting a Honeycomb event this Wednesday. Maybe there is more to Honeycomb that just tablets that they will reveal? We shall see very soon.

    Posted by: Andrew Gomez

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