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    [h=1]American Primetime TV[/h]0GTVFriendsApril 05, 2013Google TV Apps
    [​IMG]If you’re into classic movies or enjoy watching some of the old time television programs American Primtime is just what you need. APTV was just published into the Play Store for Google TV yesterday and it’s packed with enough content to watch and reminisce over for awhile.
    With classic TV shows ranging from The Adventures of Robin Hood,The Cisco Kid, The Invisible Man,Victory at Sea and a few more, it’s sure to keep you entertained when there’s nothing on TV.

    American Primetime TV delivers great entertainment for the entire family! Now you can enjoy CLASSIC movies and television shows, along with exciting new ORIGINAL programming, all in one spot! Watch us once and you’ll keep coming back again and again.
    APTV is a new television channel with cutting edge content that launched in January 2012. APTV is available on multiple media platforms with affiliates reaching up to 80 million HH. The goal of APTV is to offer a variety of content to reach audiences across multiple demographic and psychographic classifications. By partnering with major content aggregators- such as Simply Me, FilmOn, DISH Network, Echostar, Comcast, and Roku- that provide an efficient and expansive distribution channel, APTV has entered the marketplace with a strong foothold in both traditional and developing technologies. APTV continues to develop relationships with content providers and aggregators to steadily expand its reach and offerings. The principals of APTV, and its partner channels, have joined forces to maximize their decades of experience from the fields of media, marketing, production and law.

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