Amazon Prime: Amazon adds 2000 movies, 7000 TV shows

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    Amazon Bolsters Streaming Catalog with NBCUniversal Deal

    The online retail giant looks to beef up offerings to compete with Netflix and Hulu.

    Friday, Jul. 29, 2011


    Amazon has inked a new licensing agreement with NBCUniversal that will allow the online retail giant to add 2,000 movies and 7,000 television shows to its online streaming service.

    The deal comes on the heels of a separate licensing agreement Amazon struck with CBS earlier this month that will let it stream 2,000 episodes of shows like The Tudors and Frasier.

    In February, Amazon added video-on-demand to its Amazon Prime service, which gives subscribers free two-day shipping on purchases for $79 a year.

    The new deals are an effort from the online company to compete with the current top dog in online streaming, Netflix, as well as Hulu, Apple’s iTunes, and Google’s YouTube.

    But consumers shouldn’t fret the coming business battle between the media titans, experts say. “There is plenty of room for Hulu, Amazon and Netflix to offer television and film programming in a streaming format,” analyst Jordan Rohan told the Wall Street Journal. “Don’t we have HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Showtime?”

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    I wish Google could strike deals like this for YouTube. Instead Google seems only to want movies - along with an attempt to bolster YouTube by signing independent production outfits to create their own 'professional' content for YouTube channels.

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