Amazon Joins Netflix, Hulu, Google With Original TV Programming

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    Amazon joins Netflix, Hulu, Google with original TV programming (click for full article)

    "Online retailing giant and e-book market leader Amazon is getting into the original video programming business.

    Starting today, Amazon is inviting anyone with a good idea for a primetime comedy or children's television series to submit a pitch. Amazon promises to option one promising project a month for possible development, with an eye towards creating a stable of original programming with quality levels (and production budgets) akin to "real" television shows. Produced series will be made available (presumably exclusively) via Amazon Instant Video, Amazon's streaming video service available as part of Amazon Prime.

    This isn't Amazon's first foray into original content - Amazon Studios is also looking at developing movies in partnership with Warner Bros. But in looking to develop original series, Amazon isn't just going up against broadcast and cable networks, it's also going up against the like of Netflix, Hulu, and Google, who are also producing their own original series exclusive to their services.

    What's Amazon's plan, and does its crowd-sourcing attitude stand a chance? "
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