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    Amazon Raised the Bar for Android App Stores

    Tuesday March 22, 2011


    Online retailer Amazon today announced the launch of its own App store for Android applications in the United States.

    The “Appstore“ experience is quite similar to buying physical goods on Amazon, offering personalized recommendations, customer reviews, and 1-Click payment options.

    In addition an interesting new feature called "Test Drive" will enable customers to test apps on a simulated Android phone. Customers control the app through their computer using a mouse. "Test Drive lets customers truly experience an app before they commit to buying. It is a unique, new way to shop for apps," explained Paul Ryder, vice president of electronics for Amazon.com. However this feature seemed not to be available at launch.

    To drive interest and daily connection from consumers, the Amazon Appstore will offer customers a paid app for free every day. Amazon is starting with Angry Birds Rio that is exclusively available in the Amazon Appstore. For a limited time, customers have indeed the opportunity to download it for free.

    Unlike the Google Android Market, all apps on the Amazon appstore will be tested before being available for purchase.

    Now Amazon has to build up its profile as an app distribution platform and attract more developers: it had reportedly less than 4,000 apps at launch today against 200,000 now available from the Android Market.

    Where Amazon could win is also in offering a better search engine for applications. As highlighted by a study commissioned by independent app store GetJar, the app discovery issue continues to plague app publishers. Only 25% consumers discovered the apps they were looking for using actual app stores. Nearly 50% had actually discovered apps while browsing online and nearly 17% had discovered apps through friends or social media.


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