Airtime: Yes We Look At Your Video Chats - But For Your Own Good

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    Airtime: Yes, we look at your video chats - but for your own good - Technolog on msnbc.com (click for full article)

    Airtime, a browser-based video chat service, launched on Tuesday. It's shiny, new and created by Napster co-founders Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning. It's also prone to taking snapshots of your video chats and sending them to trained Airtime employees, who review them for inappropriate content.

    Sounds somewhat creepy, right? That's what I thought, so I had a lengthy conversation with an Airtime spokesperson who broke down what happens in the background, while you use the service. The details will probably still leave you feeling a bit uneasy, but it's better to be informed and uncomfortable than to be caught completely off guard.

    What is Airtime?

    As you may know, Airtime is essentially a browser-based video chat service which relies on your Facebook identity. All you have to do is grab a webcam, head to the Airtime website and login using your Facebook account - no downloads or installations are required.

    The service will allow you to video-chat with your Facebook friends or match up with strangers, based on location and shared Facebook interests. (Your identity isn't revealed to the strangers until you choose to share your name, mind you.) If you're not particularly charmed by your chat partner, you can simply click "next" and go on to the next one.

    As we pointed out when we first covered Airtime, the service works a lot like Chatroulette - a site which randomly paired strangers up for video chats. The trouble with Chatroulette, of course, was that many users - ahem - exposed themselves on camera.

    We speculated that Airtime might simply be hoping that associating its users' Facebook accounts - and in theory, their real identities - with their Airtime usage might discourage them from getting indecent."
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