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    I just posted the following on the Logitech Forum. http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Revue-and-Accessories/bd-p/revue I had previously attempted to post it in this forum [but was prevented because it did not format correctly]. This is what I wrote:

    Apple's list of AirPrint-Ready printers seems to be more extensive than Google's list of Cloud-Ready printers. Isn't the underlying technology the same such that AirPrint-Ready printers would work with our Google TV's, too?

    I'm interested in using a Samsung printer, but I don't see Samsung in Google's Cloud-Ready list. Yet Google and Samsung recently collaborated to create the "blockbuster" Samsung ChromeBook. Perhaps, the Google list of Cloud-Ready printers isn't up to date? Apparently, the HP line of e-Print-Ready printers will work with both. But, unless there is something proprietary involved here, Apple's AirPrint-Ready printers may be Cloud-Ready (usable with a Google TV), too. Does anyone know if this is the case?

    AirPrint Basics

    Google - Cloud Print
    Some nazi "Super Moderator" deleted it as being off-topic! wtf? I wrote this to him:

    "How was my post off topic? I have a Logitech Revue. The only printers that are supported are in-the-cloud printers, like AirPrint (possibly) and the Google Cloud printers. I think that you are off base deleting it and would request that you repost it!"

    If he doesn't repost it, I won't contribute to that forum again.

    Do you think it is an off-topic post on a forum created for Logitech users? With managerial "talent" like that involved with the Revue, it's no surprise it's been a commercial failure.
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