Agregated search of both local and internet context possible?

Discussion in 'Google TV General Discussion' started by lkruper, Dec 15, 2011.

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    I have read and search the threads and find bits and pieces of information on this but am not sure of the answer. I have a Western Digital hub with music and dvds as well as NAS with the same content. I also have a sling box for use at a second home and have Amazon Prime. I understand that google-tv will likely get the sling app soon, and here are my question

    Can google-tv search consolidate both my private collection and internet context? For example, if I search for Star Trek, will it show the dvds I have in my collection as well as what is available on Amazon VOD, cable TV or OTA all at once?

    I see discussion of the use of DLNA servers to be used in concert with google-tv. I have installed and tried Playon and can view that in my WD TV Live Hub. Could all the available Playon content be included in the search, or is this even necessary since they are internet sites google-tv can access directly?

    Thanks in advance for helping a newbie.
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    No, just the information that is available on the web and the available search parameters made available by downloaded applications.

    No, it does not know what DVDs you have available. However, it will show you the all the applicable "Star Trek" results of Amazon VOD, cable TV or OTA.

    The search feature has a limitation of Netflix, Amazon OnDemand, HBO Go, YouTube and the i.TV channel guide information. Apparently as each service becomes "Google TV friendly", Google will work with the respective service owner to include their content into the GTV search results.
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    I don't believe this answer is entirely correct. I have wondered the same thing...and I'm currently seeking the best way (or application) to consolidate my movie collection into ONE SEARCH or ONE BROWSER/APPLICATION. i haven't found anything yet. Anyway, I've done test searches for items in my personal collection using the Google TV Search, and results included movies that were indexed by the Logitech Media Player and aVia Player. Personally, I don't like either of those players though. There is the option (in System Settings>Search) to enable those applications in your Search (if installed).

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