'Act Of Valor' and Google Glasses: The Future of Movies and Reality TV

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    Technology News: Tech Buzz: 'Act of Valor' and Google Glasses: The Future of Movies and Reality TV (click for full article)

    "We often talk about the citizen journalist, but we are getting ever closer to the citizen filmmaker. You just have to wander over to YouTube to see how much this is progressing. Granted, individuals are mostly producing very short films, but quality continues to improve, and "Act of Valor" showcases the potential high end of what an individual, with a lot of volunteers, might be able to produce.

    This weekend, "Act of Valor" opened, but this isn't a review of this Navy Seals-based action movie. Instead, I'll focus on the incredibly low budget of US$13 million for a film with massive amounts of live action and the feel of a war movie. Movies like this can easily cost 10x to 50x as much. An amazing combination of technology from Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE), Canon (NYSE: CAJ), HP (NYSE: HPQ) and Nvidia (Nasdaq: NVDA) made this thing possible, and much of this technology is available to you. In fact, the movie was created mostly with tools you could have in your home.

    Also last week, Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) leaked its augmented-reality glasses. Weaving these two events together gives us a glimpse of the future of reality movies and TV.

    I'll close with my product of the week this week, the Sony (NYSE: SNE) Play Station Vita, what may be the best -- and last -- of the handheld game systems."
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