A New Channel Master OTA DVR

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    Channel Master DVR+ - Video Players and Recorders - CNET Reviews

    As far as dumb DVRs go, this should be one of the best. It will come to around $350 with HD, depending on drive size, TiVo is worth the premium to me but not everyone will agree. As always, the article fails to mention that TiVo offers a lifetime subscription, no monthly fees required, so for comparative purposes, TiVo costs about $150-$200 more. For that premium, you get advanced superior software, internet services, and TiVo works with cable TV if OTA doesn't cut it, Also with the new TiVo Roamio out, TiVo Premieres with lifetime are available used for less than this Channel Master DVR costs new.

    It should also work with Google TV but I have no experience with that, I can say I am certainly happy with how TiVo and Google TV work together.

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