A Google Surprise - Worldwide Alternative Reality Game Ingress Revealed

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    A Google Surprise - Worldwide Alternative Reality Game Ingress Revealed | Singularity Hub (click for full article)

    Written By: David J. Hill
    Posted: 11/17/12 8:30 AM

    "Google is venturing again into the realm of augmented reality with its reveal of a new mobile game called Ingress. Though the multiplayer game is currently in closed beta, Google has built a marketing campaign around it that entices players who were drawn to TV shows like Fringe and Lost.

    In the game, a mysterious energy has been unleashed on Earth which can influence the minds of people. Two groups form, the Enlightened who seek the benefits of this new energy and the Resistance that aim to preserve humanity. Players choose a side and then interact with objects in the physical world to collect energy, go on missions to "portals" (in public places), acquire clues to the mystery, and capture territories. In an evolving storyline, players collect more information and interact with other players around the world in order to control the new energy.

    Currently available for Android phones through Google Play with plans to make an iOS version soon, Ingress is a free download.

    Check out the recently released video promo of Ingress:

    Ingress - It's Time To Move:
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