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    Or, an easy way to install Kodi on your TV/boxes

    Don't be afraid this will be a spam, cause this a 4.27 rated app on Google Play
    Like many Fire TV users, I need a mouse to control my sideload apps; I need a function like quick launch to open my apps on my mobiles; I need an easier way to install popular sideload apps.

    There’s a remote called Wukong TV Remote and it can satisfy all my wishes above. Besides, it has features like screencasting, screenshotting, speeding up, and cache cleaning.

    It’s a good but right now not amazing app. Like the control is not instantly responsive, like it only has a input within instead of a qwerty keyboard. But anyway it’s a good one and worth trying.

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    Wukong TV Remote - Android Apps on Google Play


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