63 Barnes and Noble Stores Hit By Card-Skimming PIN Pad Hackers

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    63 Barnes and Noble stores hit by card-skimming PIN pad hackers (click for full article)

    Oct. 24, 2012 (2:30 pm) By: Lee Mathews

    "Bad news for shoppers at more than five dozen Barnes and Noble stores in nine U.S. states: the company discovered last month that PIN pads had been tampered with, putting anyone who happened to swipe a credit or debit card on a compromised terminal at risk. In total, 63 devices were hacked - and only a single one at each location.

    On a good note, B&N acted quickly, and began replacing every PIN pad that was in use at more than 700 stores nationwide in the middle of September. Unfortunately, the damage was already done and an unnamed Barnes and Noble exec has told reporters that fraudulent purchases have already been made on some of the skimmed credit card numbers. B&N is, as you'd expect, working closely with credit card companies to *** this in the bud before the problems becomes more widespread.

    If you're shopping at one of the bookseller's retail outlets, you'll now need to ask employees if they can run your card through a reader that's directly connected to the cash register - presumably meaning you should steer clear of any standalone credit card terminals that might still be in service.

    The Associated Press report makes it clear that those who made purchases from barnesandnoble.com or from the Nook app and readers have nothing to worry about. If you're reading Geek, you're probably shaking your head at that tidbit and wondering who in their right mind would think that physical PIN pad tampering at a brick-and-mortar store could possibly affect your Internet-based transactions."
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