3M Streaming Projector Has Integrated Roku Streaming Stick, Fits In Your Hand

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    3M Streaming Projector has integrated Roku Streaming Stick, fits in your hand - Projectors - CNET Reviews (click for full article)

    CNET Editors' Take October 5, 2012 7:01 AM PDT

    "Updated with hands-on impressions below.

    Compact streaming video boxes like the Roku LT can make a great travel companion. Pack up the box, remote, and some video cables, and you can access your Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant content on your hotel TV.

    3M and Roku are trying to go one step further and take the TV out of the equation. The two companies have teamed to create the 3M Streaming Projector, an intriguing gadget that combines a pico projector small enough to fit in your hand with Roku's tiny Streaming Stick.

    The idea is you can watch your streaming content anywhere you have a Wi-Fi signal and a large flat surface. The Streaming Projector has a customized slot in the back, where the included Streaming Stick is connected, without it sticking out the back of the projector. (I'll be adding more photos shortly; it's a slick design.) And because the Streaming Stick connects via a standard MHL input, you can connect other MHL and HDMI devices to the Streaming Projector, as well as remove the Streaming Stick to connect to another MHL-compatible device."

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