30% Of U.S. Homes Have Net-Connected TV Device

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    30% Of U.S. Homes Have Net-Connected TV Device

    Aug 08, 2011
    Internet-connected TV sets are slowly growing -- now representing just 10% of all TV sets in U.S. TV homes -- with video game consoles the biggest Web-connect TV devices.

    Research from the Leichtman Research Group says 23% of U.S. TV homes have video game consoles that can get Internet video. Overall, it says 30% of U.S. TV homes at at least one Net-connected TV device.
    According to Frank Magid Associates, breaking it down by manufacturer: 19% watch video through Sony PlayStation 3 and 13% through Microsoft Xbox 360.

    That study also says about 6% get the Internet through their TV sets by way of Tivo/DVR machines. Apple TV and Google TV each get a 4% share; Roku, 3%; Slingbox and Boxee, each have 1%. Perhaps the biggest threat for new Internet-connected video on TV doesn't come from any of these: eMarketer says so-called over-the-top devices are on the rise.

    Other data: 10% of adults watch at least one video a week on TV through Net-connected TV devices. 7% have an Net-connected Blu-ray player connected to their main TV entertainment systems.

    Separately, Frank Magid Associates says the still-dominant way to watch online video, at 89% of the time, is through a PC or laptop. The next is mobile phones, 15%; Internet-connected TVs, 10%; tablet, 9%; and other, 3%.


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