10 Ways Apple And Google Can Make TV Better

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    Ten ways Apple and Google can make TV better - latimes.com (click for full article)

    "Back in the day, watching television was as simple as hitting a switch, maybe messing with some rabbit ears and flipping through all eight of your channel choices. The sound wasn't so great, and the picture was kind of grainy, but at least it was simple. If a friend was going to stay at your house for a week, you wouldn't have to prepare a four-page document on how to watch"30 Rock."

    In our more technologically advanced age, however, simply turning on a home entertainment system can involve as many as three remote controls. Once your set is finally on, you're faced with an interface that is ugly and cluttered and hard to read. And watching live television means scrolling through hundreds of channels, some that you don't even have access to, others that are in languages that you don't understand.

    It's enough to make a person abandon her 52-inch hi-def LED screen and just watch her shows on a laptop.

    Somebody upgrade us!

    Well, both Google and Apple are working on it. So far both companies offer additional boxes you can attach to your television. But Sony is selling a television with Google TV built right in, and if you can believe the Internet rumors, Apple may be launching its own television set later this year.

    Here's what we'd like to see:"
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