10 MBPS TV White Spaces Trial Network for SA

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    10Mbps TV white spaces trial network for SA « Broadband « MyBroadband Tech and IT News (click for full article)

    "A pilot project in the Western Cape will use TV white spaces (TVWS) spectrum to build a network which will connect all schools in the area.

    This project - which draws resources from WAPA, Google, TENET, e-Schools Network, and Meraka/CSIR - will see real-world network speeds of between 5Mbps and 10Mbps over a radius of up to 10km.

    "The goal of the project is to establish the viability of TV White Spaces technology in South Africa through a pilot project connecting a number of schools in the Western Cape," explained Steve Song who is involved in the project.

    "This will hopefully provide sufficient evidence for ICASA to regulate the unlicensed use of TV White Spaces spectrum in South Africa."

    TV white spaces technology is seen as a way to cover wide areas quickly (like rural South Africa) with good quality broadband. This is the ultimate goal, and the pilot project will go a long way to prove the value of the technology.

    Song explained that while speeds of up to 10Mbps may not sound remarkable, it should be noted that the TV white spaces technology does not require line of sight like Wi-Fi alternatives."
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