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    Hello all!

    My name is Kinny and I purchased a logitech revue device last night at Best Buy. I was in the middle between a Roku and the revue. I went with the revue because of the added features and the ability to use it with my Verizon FIOS Box. I bought this device because I have a lot of content on my macbook and I was tired of hooking up the computer to the TV. Sometimes I just want to come home and watch a movie, but I'm lazy and don't feel like connecting it. I have a few questions and I'm hoping you guys can help me out! I'm a computing guy, but this whole streaming DLNA content and smart boxes is new to me.

    I've heard that a new update is coming, have I received the update since I bought the box recently? If so, how do I verify this?

    I haven't had much time to play around with this device (I actually can't wait to leave work to go home and play around with it) but the main purpose for purchasing was to play content from my hard drive. I tried to stream a few .avis with TvMobi, it would play after awhile, but then it gave me an error message and stopped. I even tried "Vuze" but it was too slow to convert, so last night I just hooked up the computer to the TV :(. I think I prefer to have them stored on a drive, but, if DLNA is the way to go, are there better free products out there, specifically for a macbook?

    I've also explored the option of hooking up an external hard drive to the device, I actually have a few laying around. Which programs do I need to download on the Revue to play content from the hard drive? Also, does the hard drive need to be in NTFS or FAT format? I tried to hook up my drive that I use for my mac, but it said that it was empty.

    I've browsed around briefly on the forums and came across a few sites for devices like mine:

    VIPBOX -- Which I hope works well because I'm an NFL fan and sometimes I don't get the games that I want.
    TV Liner -- Tried it for a little last night to see if the VTech game would come on but it didn't work

    Any sites similar to ones that I listed?

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out. Sorry for all of the questions, I tried asking best buy employees while I was buying but they aren't very knowledgeable.
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    The current release for the Logitech Revue can be determined by lookging at GTV Settings > About > Firmware version: 2.1-update1 and Build number: KA1X-20110620.164503.user-b54202. The last update to the Revue was 06/20/2011. Once you get the highly anticipated Android 3.1 update, you'll see a big difference in your Home screen those numbers in the About control panel will change appropriately.

    Have you tried TwonkyMedia server? If you do then make sure you setup the Revue as an Android Media Receiver if you do. The other profiles aren't even close. Otherwise, if you want to play the video locally make sure that that the streams inside your AVI files have been encoded with a compatible codec. Otherwise they won't play. There are many multimedia converters that can do it. Unfortunately, I'm not Mac savvy enough to point you any examples.

    Yes, the Revue supports FAT and NTFS USB drives under 2GB. I find that it is more compatible with a FAT partition than NTFS.

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